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Stump Grinder Barreto E30SGB


Big stump removal made easy with our track drive hydraulic operated grinder. Drivable, with a hydraulic grinding head makes this one the easiest on the operator. Bring a trailer or call for delivery ... this one weighs in at 1700lbs 31 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Height 50", Length 98", Width 36" Weight 1700 lbs

Stump Grinder Barreto E30SGB2024-04-19T09:13:39-04:00

Wood Chipper 6″ Bandit 65XP


Branches and Brush are shredded into usable chips with our Wood Chipper 65XP by Bandit. 35HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Brush Chipper Capacity 6" diameter (feed opening is 6" high by 12" wide) Chipper dimensions - Height 7'6" Width 5'7" Length 13' Premium Unleaded Fuel capacity 26.5 litres Tows with a 2" ball, and standard

Wood Chipper 6″ Bandit 65XP2024-04-19T09:49:19-04:00

Post Hole Auger 660H Dig-R-Mobile Towable Hydraulic Hole Digger


Auger holes for fence, deck, plants, or trees with ease. Hydraulic operated augers have forward and reverse and can be operated by 1 person. Tows with a 2" ball. Remember a clam shovel and pry bar to assist with hard ground and clearing the bottom of the hole Make: GeneralModel: 660H DIG-R-MOBILEWeight: 560lbsAuger sizes: 6”,

Post Hole Auger 660H Dig-R-Mobile Towable Hydraulic Hole Digger2024-04-19T09:22:34-04:00

Stump Grinder Barreto E13SGH


Stump removal made easier with our Barreto grinder. Weighing in at 406lbs, bring your trailer to transport Model: E13SGHEngine: Honda GX390Dry Weight: 406lbsHeight: 54.5”Length: 74”Width: 29”WHEEL SPECIFICATIONSCutting Wheel: 17″ diameter to toothCutting Teeth: 0.750 thick, 8 green teethCutting Depth: 6-8″Cutting Height: 14″Head Swing: 35˚, 20″ arc  FEATURES: Eight carbide green teeth each have three cutting

Stump Grinder Barreto E13SGH2024-04-19T09:16:31-04:00

Rototiller Mid Tine Honda F501


Large City gardens and Small country gardens  are ideal for the Honda F501 mid tine tiller. A tilling width of 36", and Weighing in at 135lbs this is a little heavier to transport and needs a larger vehicle. Honda Model: F501 mid tines 36" tilling width Weight 135lbs Honda 4-stroke engine adjustable handlebars gears –

Rototiller Mid Tine Honda F5012024-04-15T10:35:43-04:00

Post Auger Hydraulic by Easy Auger EA93H


Auger holes for fence, deck, plants, or trees with ease. Hydraulic operated augers have forward and reverse and can be operated by 1 person. Tows with a 2" ball Model: EA93HSPT forward and reverse Engine: Honda 9 HP Towable: yes; requires 2″ ball Available bits: 8″, 10″, 12″ Width: 30″ Length: 105″ Weight: 360 lbs

Post Auger Hydraulic by Easy Auger EA93H2024-04-18T11:30:51-04:00

Trencher – Hydraulic 18″ Barreto E918HM


Dig trenches for irrigation, electrical, and drainage, with our Barreto E918HM trencher. Variable depth setting up to 18" deep, and 4" wide Manufacturer: BarretoModel: E918HM 9hp Honda engine trench width 4″; depth – up to 18″ dry weight 620 lbs machine width 29″

Trencher – Hydraulic 18″ Barreto E918HM2024-05-17T04:02:49-04:00

Wood Chipper 6“ BC 700XL


Chipping Hardwood like Oak & Ash,   Soft woods like Pine Spruce Cedar Lilac can be made easy with our Wood Chipper from Vermeer. Clear out your yard and make usable size wood chips Manufacturer: Vermeer Model: BC 700XL Engine: Kohler ECH740 25 HP Material capacity: 6″ (feed opening is 8" x 8") Fuel type: gasoline

Wood Chipper 6“ BC 700XL2024-04-19T09:57:36-04:00
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