Vibratory Paver Roller BPR1080 Bartell


If you need to gently vibrate your Concrete or Stone pavers and ensure to work the polymeric sand into the joint and down to the bedding layer, then the Bartell BPR1080 paver roller is for you. With 5 rollers, the machine spreads the weight of the machine, and prevents cracking and chipping of the stones. 

Vibratory Paver Roller BPR1080 Bartell2024-05-21T15:33:02-04:00

Hilti VC150-10 XE Vacuum


Control concrete dust while cutting, grinding or coring with Hilti VC150-10 XE. Vacuum can be used with all our Hilti Concrete tools (except cut off saw) for a more dust free work environment, while meeting OSHA standards. Please note that bags are extra (and they are required) Features Sturdy vacuum cleaner for use with all

Hilti VC150-10 XE Vacuum2024-05-21T15:31:59-04:00

John Deere 3025E Tractor, 300E Loader, 370B Backhoe


Moving Soil, gravel, & sand around the work site is easy with a John Deere 3 series tractor (loader backhoe). Dig trenches or excavate. A Compact Tractor is like having a skid steer and mini excavator in one package! Day Week & Weekend rentals available Model 3025E Tractor with Backhoe 370B & Loader 300E 24.7

John Deere 3025E Tractor, 300E Loader, 370B Backhoe2024-05-21T15:32:27-04:00

Stump Grinder Barreto E30SGB


Big stump removal made easy with our track drive hydraulic operated grinder. Drivable, with a hydraulic grinding head makes this one the easiest on the operator. Bring a trailer or call for delivery ... this one weighs in at 1700lbs 31 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Height 50", Length 98", Width 36" Weight 1700 lbs

Stump Grinder Barreto E30SGB2024-04-19T09:13:39-04:00

Wood Chipper 6″ Bandit 65XP


Branches and Brush are shredded into usable chips with our Wood Chipper 65XP by Bandit. 35HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Brush Chipper Capacity 6" diameter (feed opening is 6" high by 12" wide) Chipper dimensions - Height 7'6" Width 5'7" Length 13' Premium Unleaded Fuel capacity 26.5 litres Tows with a 2" ball, and standard

Wood Chipper 6″ Bandit 65XP2024-04-19T09:49:19-04:00

Plate Compactor 450lbs Reversing


Excellent for compacting medium to deep layers of granular soils, Patron RP204 is a forward/reverse plate. The high speed, balanced design and hydraulic control system contributes to easy, precise handling on the roughest of surfaces or for spot compaction. Applications include boulders, cobble, gravel, sand, silt. Manufacturer: Patron RP204Frequency: 3900 vpmOperating Weight: 479lbsWidth: 20”Centrifugal Force:

Plate Compactor 450lbs Reversing2024-04-24T07:47:14-04:00

Plate Compactor 14″ Patron FP60


Compacting Gravel under your interlocking stone, or compacting sand under your pool, Patron forward soil plates are specially designed for these granular materials. They are compact and lightweight (relatively) for easy transportation. Applications include asphalt, gravel, sand, and silt. Weighing in at 128 lbs, they are the lightest of our compactors. Patron FP60 or APT

Plate Compactor 14″ Patron FP602024-04-24T07:14:40-04:00

42’ Track Articulating Lift


Make/Model: Niftylift TD42TPlatform Height: 42’Lift Capacity: 500lbsStowed size: 4’ 7” wide x 15’ 5” long & 6’ 7” HighMaximum slope: 21% or 12 degrees (in operation)Gradeability: 45% or 24 degrees (can climb only)Weight: 4390lbsOutreach: At 20’ high outreach is 22’Travel speed: 1.3mphOutrigger footprint: 12’ 6” wide x 15’ 5” long

42’ Track Articulating Lift2023-03-10T09:23:42-05:00
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