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Dehumidifier - LGR AQUATRAP AT150RS LGR

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Remove moisture from flooding, excess humidity, and mouldy area's such as basements with the AQUATRAP AT150RS LGR dehimidifier. Help dry mud and paint in new housing and renovations by lowering the humidity. Rent the equipment professionals use ! These dehumidifiers have a pump, so you don't need to constantly empty the tank. For maximum efficiency, use with a Carpet Dryer Fan, which assists moving the air throughout the area

  • Manufacturer: Abatement Technologies
  • Water Removal up to 140 pints @ 90%rh and 85 pints @ AHAM 
  • Rated Air Flow: 354 cfm / 600 m3/h
  • Weight 87lbs
  • All-Temperature Performance - Outstanding water removal performance under a wide range of temperature conditions (34° F to 100° F)
  • Please note that filters are extra

Daily: $56
Weekly: $196
Weekend Rate: $70
Long Weekend Rate: $112