Hilti Drywall Sander DWS 225

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Sanding walls and ceilings can be virtually dust-free, when renting the HILTI DWS 255 Long-Neck Sander, in conjunction with one of our Hilti Vaccum's. Increase speed, and minimize clean up. Vacuum rent's separately


  • Faster to finish – long-neck sanders can reduce project time due to the combination of speed, surface finish, and minimal rework so you can get the job done sooner
  • Easier to use – random orbital sanders are less likely to leave surface marks, so need much less practice and re-work to achieve a perfect drywall finish
  • Better handling – lower weight, better tool balance and 180° flexible, open sanding head give you the comfortable control needed when sanding walls, ceilings and into corners
  • Virtually dust-free sanding – dust extraction through the sanding discs helps to prolong their lifespan, keep the air clear and minimize cleanup


  • Finishing drywall ceilings and walls – with the long-neck sander extension pole (included), you can often avoid using ladders or scaffolds
  • Sanding drywall, gypsum and plasterboard filler – variable speed motor gives you better control over surface finish and removal rate
  • Removing paint, adhesive, coatings or residue

Long-neck random orbital drywall sander with variable-speed brushless motor and dust extraction

Rent with Hilti Vac
Discs extra

Daily: $50
Weekly: $200
Weekend Rate: $63
Long Weekend Rate: $75