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Rotary Hammer Drill 1-3/4“ Milwaukee

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Drilling in concrete or rock requires a hammer drill. In the Kingston and surrounding area we have a variety of rock types, such as Limestone & Granite. Limestone is usually "drillable" although the Blue limestone is very hard. Granite which is found North of the city is very hard. Various bit sizes and styles are available.

  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee
  • Solid bit sizes are available from 1/2" diameter to 1&1/2" diameter, with lengths from 7" to 31"
  • Core bit sizes are available from 1&5/8" diameter to 6" diameter with extensions available
  • Bits are extra, and please note we only rent bits for concrete. If you are drilling in Rock, the solid bits are available for purchase, and if you require core's, please see our diamond core drill
Daily: $49
Weekly: $196
Weekend Rate: $62
Long Weekend Rate: $98